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Alconbury colts news and results

Lutton 0 Alconbury 4 (Magee 2, Mcintyre, Goodwin)
Alconbury 0 Wisbech 6
Thorpe Wood 1 Alconbury 1 (Adams)
Breaking News: Rumours have been spread over the Alconbury - Lutton saga. I can officially reveal that the match will be replayed but sadly Sam Dovaston has been banned from this match due to his viscious lies to the manager about being signed on.Dovastons statement:DOVASTONS DIGGING DEEP..........sam dovaston aka dov is deeply sorry about his fatel mistake involving lutton and feels for the fans, he says "i will repay the fans by putting in a solid preformance against the longawaited yaxley cup match" This punishment is fully deserved! Corns website - first for breaking news on Alconbury, Yaxley and Sawtry!
I will be at the massive title game against West Pinchbeck and the match report will be here on Sunday night by 8:00pm!