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Dovaston - Exclusive interview with the man!
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Dovaston interview

How did you feel the Pinchbeck game went for yourself?
I think i played well in the first half, put in some good tackles and clearances but i think my performance deteriorated in the second half as i was so concerened about the team getting a goal.
You man of the match?
Perry was effective but my man of the match was Tom Dunn.
Did Jamie deserve a game?
I think he could have been effective first half but second half we didnt need him.
P & T Panthers. Easy victory?
Not at all. Theyre a good battling side and well need to work well for victory, especially without keeper leigh turner.
Are you looking for promotion?
I think if we all try we can reach the top three.
Any news on new Godmanchester players?
Two new players will train tonight and well see what happens then.
Are you signing for corndog666 ahead of dunnrabs?
Idont no i think both sites are quality but i especially like the videos on corndog666 but dunnrabs is good coz there something new.

Dovaston at his interview