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Goodwin and Denning looking forward to West pinchbeck battle!
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Jamie Goodwin and Simon Dennings match preview

Midfield maestro Jamie Goodwin says about the game ' Im looking forward to seeing how West Pinchbeck approach the game as their last game was a loss against the unimpressive thorpe wood side. Although im unlikely to start ill probly make a substitute appearance beacause my fitness is low and i am hoping to improve it to prove my critics wrong. I believe we have a genuine chance to beat these and hope we will be challenging at the top of the league come the end of the season! '
Skillful winger Simon Denning says: 'Well im very optimistic and im confident and i think that the rest of the team need to be aswell otherwise we might aswell not bother turning up. I think that the formatation that we are trying will work if the players want it too, we have to work for each other after all it is a team game!Also i i cant wait untill the game im looking forward to the game and hope to get the moral of the team up by helping to add to the score sheet!' Denning also informed me of a lsight shoulder injury which might harm his chances of a good game.

jamies and denge's preview