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Dunn - world champion trout fisherman
Corns website

After his recent trout fishing title, we interview the world champion and alconbury football superstar aptly named 'Dunn the destroyer'

Tom Dunn. A multi talented footballer, cricketer and world champion trout fisherman. He took time out from his busy schedule to give an exclusive interview for the site.
After a beautiful catch of rainbow and brown trout, do you think this title was fully deserved?
what can i say? its all about what happens on the day. I would say i am the best, but, i was pleased with my overall performance.
What now for your footballing and cricketing career?
I am just carrying on as normal. I wouldnt want to waste my amazing talent that i hold, so my footballing career still lies with alconbury under 17's, and ill be cricketing for the under 17's as well as for the second team, just underlining the talent which i have.
Hows your relationship with Tiffany Mayfield?
its going well thanks tom. the relationship has hit a few snags but me and my babe are going as strong as ever.
Your prediction for euro 2004?
id have to say italy, an strong team that will be difficult to break down, also have immense talent up front.
more on the interview soon


by tom corney