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Ravsi's seconds debut!
Corns website

Ravsi is making his Yaxley seconds debut at nassington this weekend. Here's an exclusive interview with the up and coming talent...

So then Craig your big you feel under pressure?
Not really. For me all it feels like is batting in practice and i feel confident in my ability.
If you were to predict a score for yourself what would it be?
No comment, ill take it easy and definsively to start with then as the game progresses but whatever happens i will give it my all.
What else will you be concentrating on?
Keeping a cool head in bat and keeping focused in the field 100% of the time. If its a hot day it will be tiring and difficult to concentrate but i will try my very best.
Have you signed an exclusive contract to corndog666?
no im keeping my media options firmly open.
For an exclusive after match interview next week, come back to corndog666.
Lets hope this can lead to Daniel, James and Luke making it to the same level.
After Ravsis interview he performed well in the field but unfortunately got a golden duck. This was unlucky for the lad on his debut but were sure he'll bounce back. Good luck to him.

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